Stacy London Shares Style Tips to Cover Up Menopausal Weight Gain

While giving viewer Ana the ultimate makeover, fashion + menopause expert Stacy London shares tips on how to camouflage your “menopause middle.”

Stacy London’s Tips for Styling Your Way Through Menopause

Stacy London gives the ultimate makeover to a viewer who gained weight during menopause + shares tips on how to conceal your “menopause middle.”

Makeup Tutorial for Women Over 50

Women over 50—if you're looking to freshen up your makeup routine or give yourself a more youthful look, makeup expert Mally Roncal shares her tips.

Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

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Rock & Roll Makeover For 21-Year-Old Cancer Survivor + His Mom

The duo behind the podcast "Michael and Mom Talk Cancer," have spent years in sweats—so we gave them both a rock-n-roll makeover!

From Sweats to Sweater Blazer + Silk! Complete Makeover for Cancer Survivor + His Mom

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VIRAL 9-Year-Old Boy Who Loves to Sew Gives Dad a Makeover

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UNREAL Makeover for History-Making Mother-Daughter Pilot Duo

After making history as the first mother-daughter duo to pilot a flight together on Southwest Airlines, they're ready for new looks out of their uniforms.

UNREAL Makeover for History-Making Mother-Daughter Pilot Duo

Holly and Keely Petitt went viral as the first mother-daughter duo to pilot a Southwest flight—and now they're getting a no-holds-barred makeover.

Viewer Gets Incredible "Re" Makeover—Back on Show After 9 Years

Viewer and mom Shannon got a makeover on our show 9 years ago. Now, she's back for another!

Viewer Comes Back for 2nd Hair Chop 9 Years Later

Shannon, a viewer and mom who got a makeover on our show 9 years ago, returns for another hair chop—and this reveal is just as good as the first one.

23-Year-Old Entering New Life Chapter Gets Surprise Message From Scarlett Johansson

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23-Year-Old Woman Who Beat Cancer Gets Makeover of Her Dreams

23-year-old who beat cancer named Lauren gets the makeover of her dreams from lifestyle expert Tommy DiDario.

21-Year-Old Finds Confidence in Completely Shaving Head Post-Hair Loss

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