21-Year-Old Man Dealing With Hair Loss Shaves His Head as Part of “Freeing” Makeover

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Getting a makeover can do so much more than simply changing up your look—it can also be a major confidence boost. And for this viewer, Eddie, who's experiencing male pattern baldness, his hair was making him insecure and self-conscious.  

"Three years ago, I moved to North Carolina and I drove cross-country and I decided to reinvent myself and shave my hair off. Little did I know it wasn't going to grow back after that," says Eddie. "With bad genetics, it kind of just started to fall out. It more or less affects my confidence. I wear hats all the time," he says.   

"In preparation for joining the Navy, I've been working out a lot, and I have gained a lot of confidence in myself, but the last piece of the puzzle is my hair, and trying to get over that little hurdle," Eddie explains. "I just hope to be able to look at myself in a new light and know that I can overcome this insecurity that I have and find confidence just shaving it all off." 

So, it's time for another "manover," as Rachael calls them. And for this one, she calls in YouTuber Harry James from Bald Cafe. Harry helps to guide men through the process of shaving their heads to be confidently and comfortably bald.   

"Shaving the hair off is a great catalyst to change that narrative that you've gotten yourself into because when you decide for yourself, 'I'm tired of being drained by this, I want to lean into that insecurity and really own it,' that's when you'll really notice that things will take off," says Harry. 

And Harry thinks Eddie is in the perfect position to go for it.  

*Cue Eddie's head shaving*  

The big reveal offered Eddie so much more than just a new look. "I am feeling very confident. I'm feeling like a lot of weight has been lifted off my shoulders," Eddie says.  

"This is a difficult thing for a lot of guys because we can't control it and we feel very judged by it, or at least I did in my experience. It was hard to go throughout my days feeling confident or just not feeling self-conscious all the time, but now I have nothing to worry about. I have gotten so much positive feedback from everyone around me, and it feels great to finally be free and to take this first step on this journey to being confident and being able to live with myself and be happy with how I look," says Eddie. We couldn't have said it better.  

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