Stacy London’s 6 Styling Tips for Menopausal Women + Viewer Gets Ultimate Makeover

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In addition to hot flashes, night sweats and hair loss, many women going through menopause experience weight gain. Just ask viewer Ana from New Jersey. 

After going into early menopause following her battle with breast cancer, Ana gained 20 pounds, with much of it going to her stomach aka her “menopause middle.” Though her jeans felt tight, Ana refused to buy new clothes because “if I go another size, [I feel] I’m just going to accept it, and no, I don’t want to accept it.” 

“I want to feel good about what I’m wearing and I want to feel comfortable,” she adds. 

Luckily, fashion + menopause expert Stacy London — who is dedicated to helping other menopausal women through her company, State of Menopause — is giving Ana the ultimate makeover. 

Ana Makeover After
Rachael Ray Show

“I feel like I did on my wedding day. I feel like a million dollars,” Ana says after the big reveal. 

Stacy also shares styling tips on how other women can camouflage their “menopause middle.” Here they are: 

1. Don’t Cover It  

Stacy says to avoid wearing clothes that are super tight on your stomach. 

“You should never be uncomfortable in your clothes,” she says. 

2. Wear Bold Prints + Color 

Stacy dressed Ana in a cheetah-print top and hot pink blazer, which not only cinches at the waist but gives the illusion of a center line. 

3. Wear Wide-Legged and/or High-Waisted Pants 

Stacy also styled Ana in black pants that were wide-legged and high at the waist. 

Prior to her makeover, Ana wore skinny-legged pants with oversized tops — which Stacy said made her “look like a tomato.” 

4. Find the Right Size Bra 

In addition to her clothes, Stacy gave Ana a bra that was right for her body type. 

“If the girls are high, we have more surface area [in the middle],” she says, adding that by wearing the right bra, it “made room” for Ana’s middle. 

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5. Think “Short Torso, Long Legs” 

While Stacy says Ana initially dressed to look “tight and long,” she says you should dress to look like you have a “short torso [and] long legs.” 

6. Accept Where You Are 

No matter what your body type is, Stacy says to “make the most out of it.”  

“Instead of grieving who’ve you lost, we have to accept who we are.”

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