MAJOR Makeover For Mom-Daughter Pilot Duo Who Went Viral for Making History

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Captain Holly Petitt and First Officer Keely Petitt went viral AND made history as the first mother-daughter duo to pilot a flight together on Southwest Airlines—a dream come true for both of them. How iconic! 

"From the time I was 14, I knew I wanted to be a pilot just like my mom, and I knew I wanted to fly for Southwest," says Keely. In May of 2022, that dream came true. 

"Then, on July 23rd my mom and I flew our very first trip together from Denver, Colorado, to St. Louis, Missouri," Keely says. "Looking over and seeing Keely at the flight controls was surreal. I was filled with awe and adoration. One minute you're holding this tiny little baby in your arms and in the blink of an eye she's sitting next to you on the flight deck of a Boeing 737," says her mom, Holly. (We're tearing up!) 

When they're not in their pilot's uniforms, they both say they struggle a bit in the style department—and that's where we come in.  

"As a mother of three and a full-time pilot, I wore my uniform 50 percent of my life—and on my days off, I was busy being a full-time mom and wife and housekeeper, so style wasn't on my radar," says Holly. "I've never had a chance to explore my own personal style and figure out what that is."  

"Wearing a uniform has impacted my sense of style because on some days I really want to dress up since we wear our uniform at work, but there's still a lot of be explored when it comes to style," explains Keely. "It's a chance to reinvent ourselves!"  

So, with the help of our good friend Clinton Kelly, Holly and Keely are getting a MAJOR makeover.  

The first thing Rach and Clinton asked them was about parameters—when it comes to their hair and their style.  

To that, Holly says, "No restrictions! I've lived in this little box as a mom and a pilot, so for me this is an opportunity to try something totally new. I'm beyond excited!" And Keely agrees, saying, "There's nothing I won't try or do!" 

*Cue the transformations*  

Before they made their big reveal—to us and each other for the first time—Clinton Kelly shares their goals for the makeover.  

"They wanted to look strong, confident, and they wanted to try things they hadn't tried before," explains Clinton.  

And all jaws dropped when they finally came out.  

"Oh my god. They look amazing!" Rachael says. We couldn't agree more! 

"First of all, both of you look stunning," Rach says. "You literally look like sisters going out on the town. Your hair is outrageous." Clinton worked with Oscar Blandi to achieve their unbelievable hair styles.  

Then, Clinton breaks down their looks.  

"Holly said to me, I have never had a chance in my life to be trendy. So, I was like alright, let's do trend. And originally, I said the easiest way to do trendy is to find out what jean is happening at the moment and then wear that. But, then we were trying on jeans and then she saw this pair of vegan leather pants hanging up," explains Clinton. She asked to try them on and they were both sold. We see why! Holly looks stunning.  

"And since she wanted a trend, asymmetrical is happening right now, cape tops are really happening right now, so we put the two pieces together," says Clinton.  


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"Keely wanted to look strong and confident. Now, you think about Blake Lively, she walks out of her house or hotel or red carpet, she is doing bold prints, bold silhouettes, she's combining them with great textures and colors," says Clinton. "So, we found this dress. The silhouette works so perfectly on her. This print is gorgeous and yummy. And we popped it with a beautiful Kelly green coat. And then we'll pop it again with the pink shoes. And then we added even more texture with the tights."  

"She looks like a movie star," says Rach. 


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