This Company Turns Industrial Spaces Into Vertical Farms!

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This Company Turns Industrial Spaces Into Vertical Farms!

The future of farming is here! Dr. Henry Sztul — the Chief Science Officer of Bowery Farming, a network of “smart” indoor farms located in the East Coast — takes us on a tour of the company’s New Jersey facility that grows produce 365 days out of the year. 

“Giving the plants what they need, when they need it,” Dr. Sztul says. 

While they specialize in leafy greens and herbs (such as kale, basil and cilantro), the vertical farm — where crops are grown in vertically stacked layers (aka vertical farming) — can truly produce anything. 

With their model, Bowery Farming addresses a variety of social issues affecting our world and our food supply. 

“Some of those problems include the growing population and the need to feed... [people] moving to urban areas. So at Bowery, what we’re doing to be part of the solution to feed the future is building our farms near urban areas,” he says. 

Because fruits and vegetables are grown indoors in controlled environments, Bowery can grow without pesticides. 

The farm has also partnered with acclaimed chefs such as Tom Colicchio, José Andrés and Eric Adjepong, who shared his recipe for Cheesy Spaghetti Squash with Baby Kale.  

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