What Are the Chances of Getting a Free Hotel Room If Your Flight Is Delayed?

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If your flight gets delayed, the last thing you want to do is sleep overnight at the airport. But, what are the chances that your airline will book you a complimentary hotel room so you can get a good night of sleep before your rescheduled flight? 

We asked lawyer and personal finance pro Erika Kullberg (Instagram: @erikankullberg) — who has built a huge online following (19M+ combined followers) for reading and explaining companies’ terms-and-conditions to make sure consumers know their rights — to answer common travel policy questions. 

In other words, she reads the fine print so you don’t have to! 

So, if your flight gets delayed and you need a hotel room, can you get that cost covered? 

Erika Says... 

Most likely yes! However, the reason for the delay has to be within the airline’s control. A controllable reason is something like a mechanical issue or a staffing shortage, while an uncontrollable reason would be something like bad weather.  

If the reason is controllable, most airlines will provide you with a hotel room and many will also provide ground transportation to and from that hotel.  

You can also potentially get a free hotel room (as well as insurance for lost luggage) with certain credit cards. That’s why Erika says it’s always good to check your card’s benefits.  

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