Post-Pandemic Oversupply Has Led To MAJOR Deals on These 3 Product Categories

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When it comes to inflation and supply chain issues, it feels like all we've gotten lately is bad news. But, smart shopping expert Trae Bodge says there is actually good news for consumers – certain items are now in oversupply and are therefore cheaper now.  

Trae says that a lot of retailers over-ordered items that were once in short supply during the pandemic, and now have excess merchandise they're trying to move, and ultimately, pricing to sell. Here, she shares three product categories you can now get for a really great price.  

1. Athleisure/Loungewear 

"At the beginning of the pandemic, we were all working from home, and not really going out, so we were looking for more comfy clothes. So, retailers rushed to order this merchandise. And now it's all coming in just as customers are looking for clothing that's more suitable for the office or public outings," says Trae. 

The result?  

"You'll find sales on these items across the board – big box stores, department stores, the specialty athleisure apparel stores, and online. You can basically find this overstock everywhere," she explains.  

As far as whether the deals are better online or in stores, Trae says "prices across the board will be comparable, but you might find a broader selection online, with more sizes and colors to choose from compared to what physical stores have space for," she adds.  

2. TVs 

"We were all watching more TV at the start of the pandemic, so a lot of people were looking to upgrade, and may have had excess money to spend because of federal stimulus checks. Retailers dashed to order more, and ran into supply chain issues, and now those TVs are coming in and we're seeing a lot of excess merchandise," Trae explains.  

"Meanwhile, people are now spending their money on experiences rather than TVs, and TVs are so large and taking up space in stores, so retailers can't house them and are pricing them to sell," she says.  

"You'll see sales on TVs at big box stores and electronics stores, because they need to make room for other merchandise. There are only so many variations of TVs; it's not like with clothes where you can get them in all different colors and sizes. So you'll likely find what you're looking for in one of those stores rather than having to look online," Trae says. So, if you're in the market for a new TV, definitely shop in store for the best price.  

3. Furniture  

"At the start of the pandemic, a lot of people who were at home all the time decided that they didn’t love their furniture, and as with TVs, had extra income thanks to stimulus checks. But furniture was in short supply for a long time, so retailers kept ordering to keep up, and now that retailers have that furniture in stock, the demand isn't as high," Trae says.  

"At the same time, many home buyers and builders are not ready to buy furniture because of building delays, so retailers are sitting on excess furniture. Look for sales at larger format furniture stores, and national department stores, as well as online furniture sellers," she says.  

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