4 of the Most Popular Hairstyles Across The Country

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Original "Queer Eye" grooming expert, stylist Kyan Douglas, takes us coast to coast to discover the most requested haircuts at four hair salons across the country. Plus, he shares everything you need to know if you're considering getting one of these trendy chops.

Chicago, Illinois: Shag Haircut

Shag Haircut
Rachael Ray Show

There are long and short shag cuts, Kyan explains. The most classic length is somewhere between the collarbone and the chest, but you can take that longer like Amanda did at Spoke & Weal Chicago in the video above.

If you're planning on getting a shag haircut, "it's important to go to the salon with washed and air-dried hair so your stylist can take a look at its natural texture before cutting," Kyan says. 

Los Angeles, California: Modern Mullet

Mullet Haircut
Rachael Ray Show

"The modern mullet really is the disconnection between the front and the back," says hairstylist and salon owner Sally Hershberger. "What's so great about the modern mullet is it works on all shape faces. It's so versatile."

Even Miley Cyrus recently rocked the modern mullet cut.

Miley Cyrus

New York, New York: Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob Haircut
Rachael Ray Show

The most popular look for New Yorkers right now is the blunt bob, according to Kyan. "A bob is all about the line. It's got architecture, just like New York City. It's about that strong line which creates shape," he says.

We helped out one of our viewers, Ashley, who wanted to achieve this look. Don from Danka Panka Salon gave her an amazing blunt bob chop. Check out Ashley's hair before and after:

Blunt Bob Haircut Before and After
Rachael Ray Show

"It's the perfect haircut for women with fine hair," Kyan adds, "because this line creates so much structure that it can hold the fine hair and doesn't have all the flyaways."

As far as styling and product, Kyan suggests using "a really soft mousse or a very, very light hold liquid gel" with the blunt bob haircut to control any flyaways.

Austin, Texas: Textured Lob

Textured Lob Haircut
Rachael Ray Show

"By releasing the weight, it helps the hair pull up a little bit and have the realization of its own natural texture," says Janet St. Paul, owner of Janet St. Paul Studio For Hair in Austin.

"What I love about this is the body," Janet says. "All the texture, all the bounce, all the movement."

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