Mommy Makeover: 48-Year-Old Work-From-Home Mom Doesn't Want To Feel "Frumpy" Anymore

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Meet Dr. Laura — a 48-year-old, work-from-home family medicine physician from Englewood, New Jersey. She's been married for almost 10 years and has a son who's almost two and a 4-year-old daughter. 

"Working from home is great," she says about her job working for an online care group. "I really enjoy getting to spend time in the mornings with my kids." 

But the nature of her job means she only sees patients by video — so, you guessed it, her daily outfits aren't really her top priority. (Can you blame her, really?)

"My patients really just see me from [the neck] up," Dr. Laura tells us, "so I really don't have to be too worried about what I wear." 

"I don't have much of a style right now," she continues. "Scrubs, T-shirts, sweaters." And the doc says her hair is typically up in a ponytail. 

"The other moms in town are a lot younger than me [and] very stylish and fashion-forward," the mom of two explains. "I don't think the other moms shop at the wholesale club like I do. I can't help but feel like the old, frumpy mom. I would love to have a new look — definitely, definitely." 

(For the record, we think you're beautiful no matter what, Dr. Laura — but as always, your makeover wish is our command!)

"She has this amazing figure," her sister-in-law says. "I would love to see her showing off her body a little bit, rather than hiding it."

Who better to help us help Dr. Laura than supermodel Emme? And spoiler alert — she outdid herself! Watch the big (hair AND style) reveal in the video above.

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