Emotional Makeover for Frontline Nurse Going Through Menopause

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Our latest makeover is especially close to our hearts!  

Everyone, meet Donna. 

As a surgical nurse, Donna, 52, was fighting on the frontlines during the Covid-19 pandemic. But for the past five years, she's also been going through menopause, and she says it's not only impacted her sense of style, but also her sense of self.  

"Just even talking…about it, I start to well up," says the mom of two teenage boys, "because [going through menopause has been] a massive loss of confidence. You don't want to go out anywhere. You don't want to go shopping for clothes. You don't want someone to invite you somewhere because I'd rather stay in my stretch pants, you know?" 

Most heart-wrenching, Donna says that, much as she knows it's not true, all of the changes she's been going through have made her feel like she's no longer "worthy" when it comes to her husband, because she just doesn't feel "beautiful." 

Well, we absolutely couldn't sit on that.  

So what did we do? We brought in the only person for the job: Stacy London—our good friend, forever style icon and the CEO of State of Menopause, the company she runs that's specially dedicated to helping women through menopause.  

"Donna is one of the most incredible people that I have had the opportunity to work with on your show," says Stacy. "Not only is she beautiful, but this is someone whose self-esteem had been rocked by what's happened to her during menopause." 

But as always, Stacy worked her magic!  

Not only did Donna absolutely stun when she did her ultimate reveal on our stage, but she felt just a bit lighter, too.  

"You guys have all done an amazing job to make me feel beautiful," she says to Stacy. "It's a lot of mental work you have to do on yourself—a positive mindset—so I'm working on it. But ever since talking to you… to know someone else is feeling the similar things you're going through, it's been really helpful." 

Exactly what we were hoping to hear, Donna. 🧡 


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