Dramatic Makeover: Wife Barely Recognizes Husband After First Haircut + Beard Shave in 24 Years

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It's time for one of our famous makeovers (if we do say so ourselves...)—and this time, it's what Rachael calls a "manover." Viewer Nicole is getting the chance to give her husband Lance a serious makeover.

"I love him no matter how he looks, but at this point the situation is out of control," says Nicole. "Our kids say he looks like a mountain goat, he's even started to be mistaken as their grandfather, he gets jokes about being called Santa Claus." So, it's time to bring in the big guns.  

With help from lifestyle expert Tommy DiDario and hairstylist Erica Fleischman, Lance ditches his long hair and beard—and gets a major upgrade to his wardrobe.  

"I want to peel back the layers. He's an active guy, but we don't want active today. I want fitted, tailored—he's got a good physique I think we've got to show off the body a little bit," explains Tommy. "He's going to look like a different person."  

His final fashion-forward makeover left Nicole and Rach saying "WOW!" 

"I cannot believe this. I've been with this man for almost 25 years and I've never seen this man. I'm feeling a little like I'm going to be cheating on my husband with this guy," says Nicole.  

There's no question that a big part of Lance's transformation, aside from the beard, is his stylish outfit from Men's Wearhouse.  

"I went into the store and I pulled suit separates, so that's where you pull a blazer from one suit, you pull pants from another suit, you mix and match to form a really cool look. He has a great crewneck sweater, I love sweaters, t-shirts, turtlenecks with a blazer to be a little more casual," says Tommy. And Tommy's one rule? "You got to get your suit pieces tailored. Off the rack doesn't exist. Bring up the pants, bring back the jacket, show off the bod—he looks great!"  

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