Can You Get a Full Refund If an Airline Cancels Your Flight?

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Arriving at the airport and finding out that your flight was canceled has to be one of the most frustrating things imaginable. But, can you get ALL of your money back? 

We asked lawyer and personal finance pro Erika Kullberg (Instagram: @erikankullberg) — who has built a huge online following (19M+ combined followers) for reading and explaining companies’ terms-and-conditions to make sure consumers know their rights — to answer common travel policy questions like what to do if your flight gets canceled. 

As she famously says in her videos, she reads the fine print so you don’t have to! 

So, if an airline cancels your flight, what rights do you have to a refund or voucher? 

Erika Says... 

If an airline cancels your flight, and you decide not to travel for whatever reason, you are ALWAYS entitled to a full refund. Not a voucher, but a full cash refund in whatever form your payment was.  

This is true whether your flight was nonrefundable or not; if the airline cancels and you decide not to fly, you’re still entitled to all of your money back. 

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