Ambush Makeovers: We Surprise 4 Holiday Shoppers With Glam New Looks

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There's nothing our pal Mally Roncal loves more than an ambush makeover — and we're totally with her! 

In honor of our "Secret Santa" show, Mally donned her Santa hat and set out to surprise holiday shoppers at Westfield World Trade Center in New York City. 

Celeb stylist Gregory Patterson did everyone's hair, while Mally did their makeup and styling — helping each of the four makeover recipients find the perfect holiday outfit from Banana Republic.

Mally's first recruits were two sisters. Liv came from the UK to visit her older sister, Liz, in New Jersey for the holidays. The pair were beyond excited to get the star treatment from Mally and Gregory.

"I loved the reaction the two of them had for each other," Mally gushes about the reveals. "It's so funny, because they're sisters, right? They've known each other for their whole lives, and it was like they'd never seen each other before."

Watch the video above to Liv and Liz's adorable reactions to seeing one another's glam new looks.

Next up was another lucky lady, named Lara, who was out shopping with her daughter. Lara's makeover reveal actually brought her daughter to (happy!) tears.

"I feel beautiful," Lara says of her new look.

"I'm emotionally overwhelmed. Everybody looked and felt beautiful and glamorous," Mally adds.

And last but certainly not least, Mally found a family of three with plans to see the Rockettes later that night. "That means she needs to be done head-to-toe, so we're going to take her away," Mally says of mom Deidra.

Deidra, who recently lost 75 pounds, got to have her makeover reveal in our studio — and Rach even gave her a special gift from her handbag line, Convalore! Watch it all go down in the video above.

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